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Grading criteria
Four HW (programming) assignments: 5% + 10% + 20% + 25% = 60%
Midterm - March 8th: 10%
Final exam - May 3rd: 30%

Please be advised that there will be a 25% penalty per day in case of late submission for the homework assignments.

While collaboration among students is encouraged, cheating and plagiarism is not tolerated and will get you an automatic F in the class and could be reported to Student Conduct if it is severe enough.

Here's more clarification of the above [the foll. text adapted from Sam Buss's class at UCSD, and it fits our requirements pretty well]:

Programming projects are individual projects. One exception to this is that the final projects can be joint if (a) you get approval from the professor ahead of time, and (b) the duties can be split among the member of the project team in such a way that each team member is working on an independent portion of the code. The latter restriction is to establish accountability for grading purposes, and to ensure that each member of the project team has well defined responsibilities..

Basic principles:

Consequences of willful violations of the above guidelines are likely to be as severe as is allowed and reasonable, quite possibly including referral to the appropriate Dean.

Grades are on the Blackboard, and comments are here.