• CSCI 580 ("CS 580"): 3D Graphics and Rendering • Spring 2012 •

Dr. Saty Raghavachary

DreamWorks AnimationUSCGnomon

This course explores topics related to 3D graphics rendering. Prerequisite: No CG prereq [CS480 is highly recommended, though!]. But you DO NEED TO KNOW C++/Javascript/Processing - no exceptions, no kidding!

The course focuses mostly on rendering techniques; it is not a course on 3D geometric modeling or animation, or on the use of third-party (commercial) software. We will explore how images are produced ("rendered"), once a model has been created or acquired. Topics include: the 3D rendering pipeline, rasterization techniques, lighting, shading, hidden surface removal, textures, volume rendering, photorealism, rendering hardware, and virtual environments.

Announcements ("watch this space")

3/21/12 - HW6 assigned

HW6 is assigned as of today, and is due in 10 days (March 31, Sat., by midnight). Good luck!

Who's who

Professor: Saty Raghavachary

TA: Borom Tunwattanapong

Grader: Bo (Becky) Pang

Grader: Xiaofei Zhang

Do feel free to get in touch with us! We'll gladly help you with questions regarding the class lectures and homeworks.

While we do encourage you to approach us regarding questions/concerns about the course materials, we most definitely do not want to hear from you about how you NEED a certain score/grade in order to maintain a passing GPA, etc. Such emails/conversations will be considered to be of a harassing nature and will likely be reported to SJACS, please be aware.

You are expected to use 'Blackboard' for HW submissions. If you have questions re. homeworks, please use this Google forum: http://groups.google.com/group/usc-csci580-spring-2011 (yes, it says 2011, that's not a typo).