A. Project submission

Please use Blackboard to submit your work. Email submissions will NOT be accepted.

What to submit? *Source code*, any additional resources (icons, texture maps, meshes, sound files..), and a README text file that describes how anyone can compile what you're submitting into a runnable. In addition, please submit the presentation writeup which you would use in class when doing your demo. This can be in PDF/.ppt/OpenOffice/Word/HTML/Flash etc. formats. The presentation/write up should include:

Please do not spend a lot of time on the writeup - just 4 or 5 'slides' (screens) are enough, with just a few words in each. Keep it short, sweet and simple!

B. Presentation

Please do put some thought into your presentation. Including the demo of your program, it should last a total of SIX MINUTES, no more. Please remember - we have close to 20 teams to get through during the evening, so you cannot 'hog' time (doing so will count against you). Simplify your talk (just a slide for each of the above 'writeup' bullet points is fine), and rehearse so that you come in within the 6-minute limit.

Also, for presenting, teams will be selected one at a time, at random in class (by drawing from a pile of folded up papers, with team info in them). So please be ready to present at a few moments' notice! BEFORE COMING TO CLASS, please write down, on an 8.5"x11" (standard) sheet of paper, all your team members' names and also your project's title, bring it with you to class, hand it to us when you get in. This is what we'll number, fold up, make a pile, and use to draw who will present next.. So again, please fill out your team info on a sheet of paper (just one per team), and bring it with you!

Presentation tips

The following has been said above, but here it is again in bullet form, a checklist of sorts:


Be sure to: