The Final is worth 20 points, and is expected to be VERY simple/straightforward. Focus on just the keywords mentioned below.. No need to go through the multiple links mentioned in class; no need to memorize code/pseudocode; no calculations will be required.

There will be true or false, multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blanks types of questions, in addition to ones where you'd need to write in a line or two, and possibly illustrate.

Lecture 0
Basic defns: CG, model, resolution, framebuffer..

Lecture 1
LEE, Double DDA

Lecture 2
HSE algorithms; basic xfm properties
[no need: decomposing xfms]

Lect 3
Xfmn spaces

Lect 4,5
Local vs global illum
Ideal diffuse, specular
Ambient, diffuse, specular components

Lect 6
Param interpolation, corrected for perspective
[just the basics, no need for great detail]

Lect 7
Basics of the texture mapping process

Lect 8
Bump vs displacements
'Procedural' texturing
Alternate forms of maps

Lect 9
Nyquist Theorem
Various forms of aliasing
Micropolygon-based anti-aliasing

Lect 10
Properties of shadows
Various shadow generation algorithms
Depth-mapping, raytracing
Soft shadows

Lect 11
Few different forms of NPR

Lect 12
Light-field vs plenoptic function

Lect 13
A few examples of commercial renderers

Good luck to everyone!