None! This book is 'recommended', though: Alan Watt - 3D Computer Graphics [what it means is that the book will clarify a lot of topics covered in class; however, you are not expected to read it from an exam point-of-view, nor will there be assigned readings from the book].

We'll cover a lot of material during the lectures - not all of this will be in the slides, so be sure to show up for all the classes.

Courses from a few other schools

Introductory CG/animation courses are offered at several schools across the US/Canada. Here's a small sampling:

If something is unclear from my lectures, feel free to consult such alternate sources of information. Wikipedia is also a good reference - eg. here is the entry on rendering.

Other books of interest

Graphics groups, research(ers), papers..

As with other CS topics, graphics is an actively researched area. Here are some of the researchers and their work:

There are three 'PH's in CG research:

SIGGRAPH (**the** premiere, annual computer graphics conference!) publishes the best-of-the-best research papers each year. Here is a link ("gold mine"!) to papers from recent years. Browsing through them will give you a taste for the field, and also point out future research directions. SIGGRAPH also maintains these teaching resources by way of education/outreach.