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06/14/08 01:22:02 PDT
Last but not least is Gokul.. Implement 'wavelet turbulence' inside Maya, using Maya Fluids, particles and MEL/Python.

Here is the 2008 SIGGRAPH paper (yet to be presented!!) for it: http://www.cs.cornell.edu/~tedkim/WTURB/

This is on the harder side, but not impossible or unattainable! Take a few days to absorb the basics and the overview, then start formulating how you'd tackle this. Games would ***LOVE*** to have such a fluids technique - reason is that the algorithm can be run on GPU cores. AFTER you do the Maya version (and after the DR!), you should try implementing it in an nVidia or ATI GPU.

06/11/08 19:04:36 PDT

Hi Ranu!! Here's a perfect project for you :)

* become familiar with "boids": http://www.red3d.com/cwr/boids/. Craig Reynolds is a friend of mine, and is the inventor pretty much of "Artificial Life" (like AI but more graphical, realistic and FUN!).

* using Maya and Python inside it, do your own boids implementation (using particles [sprites]). This opens the door for doing high end game AI, crowds, flocks, etc.

* using a fantastic Python package called 'pygame' (www.pygame.org), do the exact same boids implementation [no need to use particles because sprites are built into pygame]. Python is an up and coming platform for game dev.

Good luck,

06/11/08 18:56:32 PDT

Next up is Gaurav.. For you, the space-warping related to 'depth varying stereo' is a perfect project. For starters, you can create a really simple scene (with .obj meshes, built-in primitives), create two cameras (eg. one at x=-2.5 looking down -z, and the other at x=+2.5 also looking down -z. The scene is in front of the cams (ie all of it in -z). If you render a 320x240 image of the scene from the 'L' cam and from the 'R' cam (left & right), place them next to each other (eg. in Photoshop or GIMP), you should be able to 'cross' your eyes and perceive the scene in stereo :) Note that the cams need to be 'toed in' a bit, ie rotated symmetrically about y so that their view axes intersect somewhere in front (ie the two cameras are not parallel). Pl. do this and send me such a 'stereo pair'. After that we can start talking about a lattice-based depth warp.

06/10/08 00:58:28 PDT
Wei-En, the tutorial you found is a decent start for some fire effects. Using particles, expressions (MEL) and some texturing/shading, a variety of fire-like rendering is possible. Here's your problem statement: implement an expression for "Curl Noise". If you create this as a MEL proc (on disk, in a MEL script), you can add it to pretty much any other expression, including the one you found in the tutorial. Here is Curl Noise: http://www.cs.ubc.ca/~rbridson/movies/curlnoise.mov http://www.cs.ubc.ca/~rbridson/docs/bridson-siggraph2007-curlnoise.pdf As you can see, it is very useful for adding a turbulence effect :)

06/10/08 00:51:48 PDT
Allright, you guys.. FINALLY I'm back. Sorry to keep you waiting. We (you!) can get started.

06/10/08 00:51:14 PDT
Dear Professor Saty This is Wei-En. I just look for some sample of making the fire effect in Maya, and there are several toturial on web. But one of the sample is like this http://www.swinburne.edu.au/design/tutorials/maya/dynamics-using-the-fire-effects-particle-system-maya-tutorial/43_Fire.html I tried it and after rendering, it will just create the fire image in this frame, but I believe there is other way to do and can create the continues vedio. So now just try to figure out how to do that! Then if Professor decide the top I can do, please let me know, Thank you so much! Wei-En

06/08/08 00:11:10 PDT

06/05/08 00:20:40 PDT
Dear Professor Saty This is Wei-En, thank the website you sent me. All the vedios are amazing. But I dont know why I have so much passion about fire or something explode So I want to choose 1)Fire with cellular patterns (with Jeong-Mo Hong and Tamar Shinar). The most left one 2)Fracturing rigid bodies (with Josh Bao, Jeong-Mo Hong and Joey Teran). The most left and bottom I believe I will have lot of fun in here. Thank you so much Wei-En

06/04/08 21:57:45 PDT
Hi Professor, I am more interested in the topic which you discussed with me in class i.e. FFD and Image warping where you described me both in the class. what should I do, please suggest. If I have to chose in these, I would go for Animation. please do reply back as I wanna start. Thanks, Gaurav

06/04/08 12:34:58 PDT
Hi Professor, The topic which i am interested for my DR is modeling. So which tool should i go for? I think MAYA would be a good choice, but still do suggest. Thanks Ranu

06/04/08 12:27:16 PDT
Hi Professor, The topic which i am interested for my DR is modeling. So which tool should i go for? I think MAYA would be a good choice, but still do suggest. Thanks Ranu

06/04/08 12:22:16 PDT
Hi Professor, The topic which i am interested for my DR is modeling. So which tool should i go for? I think MAYA would be a good choice, but still do suggest. Thanks Ranu

06/04/08 12:21:05 PDT

06/04/08 00:46:05 PDT
Hi Wei-En, nice choice for a topic! OK, special effects it is :) I totally recommend Maya for this.. it already has a lot built in, and you can simply add to it using MEL (or Python).

You can download a learning version of Maya from http://www.autodesk.com/maya

The next question is, what kind of effect.. Play these movies, and send me two or three favorites - then we can find a DR topic along those lines:


06/03/08 23:40:57 PDT

Dear Professor Saty This is Wei-En. The topic I am so interested is about special effect, like explosion with fire, smoke, durt and spreading rock... So if I choose this to be my topic, which kind of tool you recommand to use, such as Maya, openGL... Thank you so much and have a good day. Wei-En

06/02/08 13:38:43 PDT
Possible areas (very broad):
* modeling
* animation (incl. mocap, deformers, skinning..)
* rendering (incl. stereo, non-photoreal)
* effects (fluids, cloth, rigid bodies..)
* post-production (image/video processing etc.)
- Saty

06/01/08 17:25:33 PDT
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