RfM [RenderMan for Maya], Part II

Let us continue our exploration of RfM, by looking at more topics below.

Subsurface scattering

A luscious grape, a mushroom, a piece of marble - these are 'porous' surfaces where light penetrates the surface, gets scattered around before exiting (colloids such as milk behave similarly). This adds a certain extra "shading from within".

An easy way to do this with RenderMan is to use RfM, and add subsurf. calc. and control to materials in Hypershade - this scene is an example.

Environment lights (IBL)

This simple scene with a pair of teapots contains an environment light added via Hypershade.

Using RfM to add an environment light is extremely simple to do:

And once you create such a light, you can go into its AE to specify an environment map image and adjust attributes:

Note that for the image above, you can read in a .hdr file. For samples, see Paul Debevec's amazingly cool page.

Pixar's tutorials


Scene: dragon.ma


Scene: displacement.ma


Scene: particles.ma

Some more topics to explore on your own