Course overview

The following are the objectives:


Math concepts

Although it is possible to use RenderMan without any knowledge of math, your experience with it would be much more rewarding if you have an understanding of some fairly straightforward concepts. These will be especially handy when you need to write your own shaders.

The following are topics that you need to be familiar with:


Rendering basics

A standard 3d rendering pipeline aims to convert a 3D 'scene' (with objects and materials, lights and a viewing camera) to an image, i.e. to a 2D representation.

Viewing transformation
- Object space
- World space
- Camera/eye space
- Camera projection
- Clipping against view volume
- Backface culling

- Screen space
- Image space
- Shading and illumination [materials, lights]

Misc. topics
- Flat vs. interpolated shading
- Bump vs. displacement mapping
- Texture mapping
- Shadows
- Environment, reflections



Image-based rendering