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In order to bring the RenderMan Artist Tools to OS X for the first time quickly and efficiently, it was decided to use the X 11 windowing mechanism. As a result, there are certain elements of the Artist Tools that are not in the strictest sense, Mac-like. That is, some things that Mac users might take for granted are not available. On the other hand, there are certain aspects of OS X that will be unfamiliar to users who are experienced with the Artist Tools on other platforms, particularly in regard to environment and path setup. The following is a summary of those things — Caveat MTOR, as it were.

RAT and X11

Environment Variables

The basics of configuring your environment are handled by the installer. The variables for the RenderMan Artist Tools are all automatically added to your Maya.env file (in ~/Library/Preferences/Alias/maya/version/). The appended lines should look a little something like this:


Beyond what is handled by the installer, there are a few additional particulars regarding environments and OS X. Basically, although adding $RMANTREE/bin to your path is all that you need to do to be able to use the various RenderMan Pro Server programs via the command line (e.g. prman, netrender, txmake, brickmake, etc.), the path to the Artist Tools programs is a little more involved. The path to Alfred, for example, would be:

(assuming that you are using the default configuration for your RATTREE, as described in the aforementioned installation documentation).

Needless to say, adding separate entries to your path for each of the Artist Tools could prove a bit cluttered and cumbersome. There are two alternatives, however, each a different variation on creating an alias.



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