Project BatCave: Beta1 to Beta2 Upgrade Procedure

What's the Issue?

There are really three components which make up the BatCave.  First, there are the alfred and alfserver applications. Secondly, there are the PHP (web server) pages, and finally there is the BatCave database, and it's associated tables, queries and templates. These three components need to be in sync for the BatCave to operate properly.  We are looking into more automated ways of upgrading, but due to the variety of platforms, OS's and web services, this is currently done somewhat by hand.

A secondary issue is customizations made at your site.  These customization issues are discussed below.

Starting Over

If you are not concerned with keeping the data from your current BatCave, then it's probably easiest to just start fresh.  There are still some sequence  issues which need to be dealt with. Please follow these instructions to start with a new BatCave installation:

Handling Customization Issues during B1 to B2 Upgrade

If you have made customizations to the BatCave, there is the potential for problems during the upgrade.  Before proceeding with the upgrade procedure below, please consider the following:

If you have made any customizations to the base PHP files, these changes will not be reflected in the updated BatCave as all base PHP files are replaced.  You will need to hand merge your changes into the new PHP files in this release.  We don't expect this to happen often, and if you find you are making changes to the base PHP files, perhaps there is a better way to handle this.  Please contact our customer support, and we'll try to determine whether or not we need to make any basic changes to the BatCave PHP files.

If you have made customizations via the global_overides.php and sitefuncs.php files then you can simply copy these files into the new batcave directory.  

The beta1 release of the BatCave software allows you to make changes to the factory templates and queries.  By factory, we mean the initial templates and queries which shipped with the BatCave.  They are defined in the database by having an ID number less than 10000.  All factory templates and queries will be removed and replaced when running the update script (updateb1-b2.php).

Is is suggested that rather than making changes to factory templates and queries, you should always choose to create a new template or query, instead.  New templates and queries will not be modified during the upgrade process!

When you create a new template or query, or use the duplicate capability, a new version is created with an ID number starting at 10000.  The database upgrade process only modifies templates and queries with ID numbers less than 10000, so all custom versions are safe.  Note, starting with beta2 the BatCave software will warn you if you are about to save a factory template.

Updating an Existing BatCave

Although there are probably several ways to accomplish the upgrade, this document will guide you through one method.


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