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#  The factory-default RAT.ini  $Revision: #1 $
#   controls RAT-general installation settings.
# By default, documentation pages are found in the RenderMan Forums.
# If you wish to use your own installed version of the documentation,
# specify the URL root using this preference, e.g. 
# SetPref RATDocURL "http://docserver/docs/RAT/"

SetPref RATDocURL forums

# These URLs will be present in the Help menu of all RAT applications
SetPref HelpURLs(rat) {
    "RAT Documentation" %RATDOCROOT/
    "RenderMan Forums"
# Use this to specify additional directories to search for
# resources (like icons)
SetPref ResourceDirs {}

array set pf [GetPlatform]
if {$pf(platform) == "windows"} {
    set tmpdir [GetEnv TEMP c:/temp]
    #setting this to 0 will use the RAT custom file pickers
    #setting to 1 will use default Windows file pickers
    SetPref UseStdFilePicker 1
    SetPref TextEditor notepad
    SetPref NT_UNC 1
} else {
    if {$pf(os) == "Darwin"} {
	SetPref UseStdFilePicker 0
	set editor [GetEnv WINEDITOR TextEdit]
    } else {
	set editor [GetEnv WINEDITOR nedit]
    set tmpdir [GetEnv TMPDIR /var/tmp]
    SetPref TextEditor $editor
    SetPref NT_UNC 0; # set to 1 for heterogenous NT/Unix rendering.

SetPref TmpDir $tmpdir

## WSRoot - the default root directory for the workspace.
#   results in something like: ~user/RAT/slim1.0
set vers [GetVersion]
set vv [string range $vers 0 2]
SetPref WSRoot [file join [RATGetDir home] RAT [GetAppName]$vv]

# when picking files via the filepicker, should we strip
# pathnames against the current workspace's searchpaths?
SetPref PreferFullPaths 0

## Support for standard scripting
LoadExtension tcl [file join [RATGetDir RATetc] RATExpression.tcl]

# the default tcl proc to map an input frame to an 
#   external image or texture frame.
SetPref DefaultSequenceFunction fit

## WSSubdir. - each item matching WSSubdir.* is considered
#   an abstract resource directory reference.  These
#   references can be used in tcl scripts to refer to
#   various RAT file types. As shipped, the values
#   represent subdirectory references relative to the
#   workspace root. If you prefer absolute references,
#   prepend $WSRoot/ to the default values.
#   (eg: rib -> {$WSRoot/rib} ).
SetPref WSSubdir.torRIBs   	    rib
SetPref WSSubdir.torImgs	    rmanpix
SetPref WSSubdir.torTmps    	    rmantmp
SetPref WSSubdir.torShaders  	    rmanshader
SetPref WSSubdir.torTextures 	    rmantex
SetPref WSSubdir.torShadows   	    rmantex/shd
SetPref WSSubdir.torReflections     rmantex/env

# default workspace sub directory locations for "it"
SetPref WSSubdir.itcatalog   	    catalog

# default filetype patterns for file selection
SetPref FileExtension.All	    {"All Files" {*}}
SetPref FileExtension.Image	    {"Image Files" {*.tif* *.iff *.rgb *.pic *.tx *.tex *_t *.env *.dis *.hdr* .exr}}
SetPref FileExtension.Texture	    {"Texture Files" {*.tx *.tex *_t *.env}}
SetPref FileExtension.PhotonMap    {"Photon Maps" {*.pho *.gpm *.cpm}}
SetPref FileExtension.PhotonMapCaustic {"Caustic Photon Maps" {*.cpm *.pho}}
SetPref FileExtension.PhotonMapGlobal {"Global Photon Maps" {*.gpm *.pho}}
SetPref FileExtension.ShadowMap    {"Shadow Files" {*.shd* *.tex *.zzz}}
SetPref FileExtension.IndirectMap  {"Indirect Cache Files" {*.icf}}
SetPref FileExtension.Slim	    {"Slim Files" {*.slim}}
SetPref FileExtension.AppMaster	    {"Appearance Masters" {*.slo *.vma}}
SetPref FileExtension.AppInstance   {"Appearance Instances" {*.slo *.vma *.slim *.via}}
SetPref FileExtension.AppDSO	    {"RIB Generators" {*.dll *.so}}
SetPref FileExtension.SlimPalette   {"Slim Palettes" {*.splt}}
SetPref FileExtension.Source	    {"Source Files" {*.tcl *.h *.c++ *.cpp *.c *.pl *.sl *.slim}}
SetPref FileExtension.SlimPaletteBk {"Slim Palette Backups" {*.bk*}}
SetPref FileExtension.OcclusionTex {"Occlusion Textures"  {*.tex}}
SetPref FileExtension.OcclusionOcf {"Occlusion Caches" {*.ptc}}
SetPref FileExtension.OcclusionBkm {"Occlusion Caches" {*.bkm}}
SetPref FileExtension.BakePtc {"Baked Point Clouds" {*.ptc}}
SetPref FileExtension.BakeBkm {"Baked Brickmaps" {*.bkm}}
SetPref FileExtension.BakeTex {"Baked Images" {*.tex}}

## Default searchpaths.
# the @ represents the renderman defaults for
#   /standardshaderpath, /standardtexturepath, 
#   /standardvfxmasterpath, /standardvfxinstancepath
# and are established in $RMANTREE/etc/rendermn.ini.
set ratlib \$RATTREE/lib
set ratshaders \$RATTREE/lib/shaders
set rmanlib \$RMANTREE/lib
set rmanshaders \$RMANTREE/lib/shaders
SetPref WSSearchPaths [list \$WSRoot $ratshaders $ratlib $rmanshaders $rmanlib . @]
SetPref WSServerSearchPaths "\$WSRoot . @"

# Searchpaths can be specified by resource type to avoid unnecessarily
# broad searches.  The following searchpaths will be editable in the 
# workspace editor.  If the searchpath for a resource type is empty the 
# default local or server searchpath will be used instead.  
# If the searchpath for a resource type is not empty it entirely 
# replaces the default local or server searchpath.
SetPref WSSearchPaths.archive {}
SetPref WSSearchPaths.palette {}
SetPref WSSearchPaths.procedural {}
SetPref WSSearchPaths.shader {}
SetPref WSSearchPaths.texture {}
SetPref WSServerSearchPaths.serverarchive {}
SetPref WSServerSearchPaths.servershader {}
SetPref WSServerSearchPaths.servertexture {}

# Uncomment any of these to make them editable in the workspace editor
#SetPref WSSearchPaths.display {}
#SetPref WSSearchPaths.vfxmaster {}
#SetPref WSSearchPaths.vfxinstance {}
#SetPref WSServerSearchPaths.servervfxmaster {}
#SetPref WSServerSearchPaths.servervfxinstance {}
#SetPref WSServerSearchPaths.serverdisplay {}

SetPref WSDirMaps {}
# Directory mappings must each be associated with a zone.
# The WSDirmapZoneList pref sets the list of possible zones
# to choose from (the list becomes available as an option menu
# when a dirmap is added in the Workspace Editor).
# The default zones (NFS and UNC) are network file systems.  
# Generally, all unices will be NFS, while NT would be UNC.
# File systems are just one possible zoning scheme...
SetPref WSDirmapZoneList {NFS UNC}

# The WSDirmapZone pref indicates which zone we are currently in.
# Dirmaps associated with this same zone will be applied.
if {$pf(platform) == "windows"} {
	SetPref WSDirmapZone UNC
} else {
	SetPref WSDirmapZone NFS

# default name for workspace files.
# this setting may be overridden inside workspace.prefs
SetPref WSFileName

SetPrefsSerialNumber 0

# When enabled the GroupLicenses pref causes Slim and Mtor
# to only check out one of their counted licenses for each distinct
# host/user pair.  Note, it's recommended that this feature
# only be enabled when a site has upgraded all versions of RAT to
# 5.5.1 or newer, otherwise the license server may report errors.
SetPref GroupLicenses 0

# here we support a pref LicenseServer, usually this
# is appended during installation in the form.
# LockPref LicenseServer 7498@licenseserver
# (7498 is the standard port for pixar-installed lmgrd).

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