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IceMan Reference Guide

Channel Manipulation

channels: List of integers specifying channel order in output.

Returns an image containing some or all of the channels in the original image, in a specified order.  Channel indices may be duplicated.

channels := List with(3,2,1)
bgrImage := rgbImage Shuffle(channels)
Interleave(b, channels)
b: Second image
channels: List of integers representing channels in each operand image.

Returns an image combining channels of two images in a specified order.  The List contains both negative and positive integers: negative numbers refer to channels in the first image, and positive ones to channels in the second image. For example:

channels := List with(-1,-2, -3, 4)
result := a Interleave(b, channels)
takes the red, green and blue channels from a and the alpha channel from b and puts them together to form the result image.

A channel index of zero is not defined.


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