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IceMan Reference Guide

Data Conversion

Dither(targetType, seed)
targetType: Pixel type to dither to. One of IceComponentType's constants:

seed: Integer number to seed the random number generator.

Dither an image to a lower bit-depth. "Float"and "Double" result in no dithering.

Note: There is no actual type-conversion. If you need type conversion, you must use addtionally call TypeConvert.

colorStandard: One of IceColorStandard:

The image is assumed to be legal D1 (720x486, two channel YUV/YIQ, chroma-subsampled), and the result is an RGB image, appropriately gamma corrected.

Note: Gamma correction values are different for PAL and NTSC, as are some intermediate color spaces.

colorStandard: PAL or NTSC

Return an image encoded in D1 (720x486, two-channel YUV/YIQ, chroma-subsampled, gamma corrected) format.

Note: This operation performs more than a simple data conversion!

destinationType: Data type to convert to one of IceComponents constants:

Convert an image to a different type. Attempts to convert to the same type are legal, but do nothing.


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