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IceMan Reference Guide

IceMan Image Operators

In conventional object-oriented fashion, image operators are methods of the IceImage object. To invoke an operation, one must first construct an instance of IceImage and then call the method with appropriate arguments. In most cases, the return value is (a reference to) another IceImage: this rule is implied in all the documentation in this section. A handful of operators do return non-IceImage values, and special mention is made when this is the case.

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3.1 Creation
3.2 Input and Output
3.3 Querying
3.4 Channel Manipulation
3.5 Storing and Cropping
3.6 Compositing
3.7 Math
3.8 Logical
3.9 Color Manipulation
3.10 Geometric Transforms
3.11 Filtering and Convolution
3.12 Region Selection
3.13 Data Conversion
3.14 Interpolation
3.15 Analysis
3.16 Text Rendering
3.17 Miscellaneous



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