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IceMan Reference Guide


Force the evaluation of the expression represented by the operand image.

Note: Under normal circumstances, you should never have to call this. Doing so will defeat optimizations normally performed during lazy evaluation: in some extreme cases, it may not be possible (for memory reasons) to actually evaluate all intermediate expressions.

Make an actual copy of an image. Normal copies are by reference: this literally copies the pixels from one image to another.

Note: This operation can be useful as a short-cut to making an image identical to one that already exists, and then storing to it. It's actual copying function is of questionable utility.

Abyss(surround, offset)
surround: Image to provide data for a read outside the data-box of this image (IceImage)
offset: (Optional) Amount the surround image is to be translated. (List)
Create an image that contains the data-box of this image but provides the request-box data from another image. The abyss behavior is set to Surround.


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