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IceMan Reference Guide

Storing and Cropping

Store(source, pop)
source: image to be stored
pop: if false return the sub-image store to. Otherwise return the null image.

Copy the contents of one image into another. Triggers evaluation of source, discards image processing expression of which the operand image is root.

It's important to remember that the data box of the operand image is used to clip the source expression recursively down to its leaves.

Returns either the operand image, or a sub-image thereof

StoreLowMem(source, memoryLimit)
source: Image to be stored
memoryLimit: Maximum amount of memory in megabytes to be used to evaluate source expression

Sometimes the total memory requirements of the expression are so large that it cannot be evaluated in one pass. This operation evaluates expressions by splitting in "screen" space as many times as necessary to meet the memoryLimit constraint.  The result is the same as that yielded by Store.

Note: The memory constraint cannot always be honored.

box: Rectangular region to be extracted (List)

This operation returns a rectangular sub-region of the operand image as a new Image instance. Data is shared with the operand image, and the data box of the returned image is always at the origin.

box: Rectangular region to be extracted (List)

Same as SubImage, except that the data box of the returned image is in world space.

CopyFrom(src, box)
src: Source image to copy from
box: Rectangular region over which copy is performed (List)

Returns a new image created by copying a rectangular region from the source image into the operand image. This operation behaves like a "lazy-evaluated store".


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