The MTOR Clipping Plane

MTOR Support

MTOR supports a new feature of the new RenderMan Interface Specification 3.2 that has been implemented in PRMan version 3.10. Now single or multiple clipping plane(s) can be set up in a scene, arbitrarily of the camera's own clipping plane. Merely position a clipping plane to cut away unwanted geometry. Special "swiping" effects can be created by animating a clipping plane.

Using the Clipping Plane

Create a new clipping plane from the RenderMan menu.
RenderMan-> New Clipping Plane
MTOR creates a coordinate system with special attributes that you can use to position the clipping plane. Objects will be clipped that are in front of the clipping plane, in the positive Z direction.

Display Mode - Determines how the clipping plane is visualized inside of Maya.
MTOR Clipping Plane - This toggles the clipping behavior.
MTOR Ignore Coord Sys - This tells MTOR not to treat the clipping plane as a coordinate system.


Example: Clipping plane

The clipping plane in position.

The ball is clipped away. 


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