RIB Generators

RIB Generators provide a mechanism to import and manipulate procedural objects. Procedural objects are objects which are generated programatically through callbacks to the RenderMan interface. By attaching RIB Generators to coordinate systems and template objects in your scene you control the context in which your RIB Generators instantiate themselves.

RIB Generators are similar to shaders in that you can:

RIB Generators are different from shaders in that they are: Here are links to the sections below:

Using RIB Generators

"mtorFurProcedural.dll" is a RIB Generator provided with this release. It serves as both a useful tool and as simple programming example. To generate fur with the RIB Generator please refer to the Fur Overview.

Writing RIB Generators

The API for RIB Generators is quite simple. Every RIB Generator must:

The best way to learn is always by example and  is a simple example of a custom RIB Generator. Example  files for ribgenDumpState can be found under $RATTREE/devkit/examples/ribgen.


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