MTOR 1.2 Release Notes

(note: see also glimpse release notes).

Summary of Changes to MTOR 1.2

MTOR 1.2 contains a number of new features and many bug fixes. The highlights of this release are:

Changes in 1.2 RC4

Changes in 1.2 RC3

Changes in 1.2 RC2

Changes in 1.2 RC1

Changes in 1.2b4

Changes in 1.2b3

Changes in 1.2b2

Changes in 1.2b1

Summary of Changes to MTOR 1.1

Support for prman 3.8

Support for Maya 1.0.1 and Maya 1.5

Other New Features

Bug Fixes

Known Bugs / Limitations

(below are the per-beta release notes for MTOR 1.1)
Changes in MTOR Version 1.1b3
Changes in MTOR Version 1.1b2.1

Note: MTOR 1.1b2.1 is primarily a release to provide MTOR support for the various Maya and RenderMan releases. At this moment, we have to make builds for Maya 1.0 and Maya 1.0.1. For each of these versions, we must also build a RenderMan 3.7 and RenderMan 3.8 compliant version. The "About" boxes in both Glimpse and MTOR will indicate the appropriate RenderMan version.

If you must run multiple versions of these applications, you will need to install each version, and make changes to the RATTREE and RMANTREE environment variables.

Changes in MTOR Version 1.1b2
Changes in Mtor Version 1.1b1

Changes in Mtor Version 1.0

Changes in Mtor Version 1.0b04

Changes in Mtor Version 1.0b03

Changes in Mtor Version 1.0b02

Changes in Mtor Version 1.0b01

Special Caution with Mtor Version 3.0d05

Changes in Mtor Version 3.0d05

First-Look Release (pre-beta)

We've got LOTS of new stuff in store for future releases. However, in the interests of getting this into real users' hands while you're ramping up on Maya itself, we've limited ourselves to what you see as the current functionality. We're interested in knowing what major features you think are missing and look forward to hearing your suggestions.

There are several known issues/problems with this release. Here are a few of them.


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