MTOR 2.0 Release Notes

(note: see also Slim release notes)

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MTOR 2.0 Release Highlights
  • This is the first release of MTOR with Slim! You'll find a whole new host of features and new capabilities. 


Changes to MTOR 2.0rc1

  • All Coordinate Systems are now present in all RIB files, independent of their visibility status. Now you can invis your coordinate system setups and they'll still work. Also, you can render selected objects only without needing to ensure that coordinate systems are selected.
  • Changed behavior when Slim appearances are missing.Now we render objects with missing Slim appearances as though they have no appearance attached.
  • Fixed Re-Key Appearances to work with Slim.
  • Added new Slim scripting command: slimmsg.  Use this command when you are not interested in a return value.
  • Added new mtor scripting command: mtor control dirty.
  • Fixed spurious IPC bug resulting in problems communicating with Slim.
  • Fixed Slim-initiated environment map generation.
  • Added msg reporting when appearances attached to objects are missing or deleted.
  • Fixed bug with Slim-initiated once-per-job maps.
  • Added support for Slim-initiated pointlight shadows.
  • Fixed problems with Slim's Once-Per-Job mapgens.


Changes to MTOR 2.0b3
  • added support for Slim's Display Selected Mode
  • fixed bug for secondary displays - previously they were stored as signed shorts.
  • fixed problem related to importing files with Slim data.
  • fixed bug in subdivs wrt shading sets: invalid empty txcoords, missing creases.
  • added support for frame coverage, rotation and offset in STMatrix calls.  To disable the new support refer to $RATTREE/etc/mtor.ini.
  • added support for object visibility override (aka Layer visibility).
  • added support for new custom attribute: mtorParticleRenderType. Create this (int) attribute on any particleShape node to override the particleRenderType.  The interpretation of the values are equivalent to the Maya particleRenderType attribute:
  • 0: multipoint
  • 1: multistreak
  • 2: numeric
  • 3: points
  • 4: sphers
  • 5: sprites
  • 6: streak
  • 7: blob
  • 8: cloud
  • 9: tube
  • fixed problem with glimpse volume shaders attached to geometry.
  • Slim Map Generators can now be attached to geometry.
  • fixed mtor scripting commands to properly update RenderGlobals window.
  • customRenderer, ...
  • customImager, ...
  • added support for new Glimpse/Slim special appname - declare.   Apps whose name is declare are output in the RiDeclare portion of the RIB file.


Changes to MTOR 2.0b2
  • Changed msg logging behavior.   Now we report errors through Maya.
  • Fixed bug whereby scene files containing Slim apeparances got fatter after every save.
  • Added support for Ray Server.  This allows you to do hybrid rendering.  You need to attach shaders that utilize any of the rayserver features.  Slim, for example, has an AddRaytrace node.  Currently Ray Server only works with the Render renderer.  In the next release we may support NetRender as well.
  • Fixed bugs in render canceling - made the faster-cancel feature the default.  To disable this feature:  "setenv TOR_SLOWCANCEL".
  • Fixed bugs where MTOR partition was growing without bound.
  • Fixed licensing bugs.  MTOR was having trouble reconnecting to the license server.
  • Added preferences to $RATTREE/etc/mtor.ini for DefaultClipping during mapgen and to control the ServerResource feature (which in broken in prman 3.9.0.-3).


Changes to MTOR 2.0b1
  • Fixed primaryVisiblity attribute support.


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