MTOR 2.1 Release Notes

(note: see also Slim release notes)

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Previous Release Notes

MTOR 2.1 Release Highlights

  • This is the first release of MTOR with support for Windows.
  • Bug Fixes: many small bug fixes make the 2.1 release much more stable than 2.0.
  • New Feature: Superframe Chunking - makes distributed RIB generation more efficicient.
  • Initial Support for Maya 3.0.

Changes to MTOR 2.1rc2

  • Bug Fix: "mtor -version" now works. 
  • Bug Fix: fixed coordinate system references for motion blurred glimpse-based references.
  • Bug Fix: dusted off the glimpse to Slim converter.
  • Feature: added new Workspace scripting commands to allow for saving workspace state.

Changes to MTOR 2.1rc1

  • Fixed bug where mtor standalone was not properly reading workspace file information, sometimes causing missing searchpath references.
  • Bug Fix:  renaming Slim internal palettes.
  • Resolved issues related to renaming appearances in Slim palettes that would cause a swatch to simultaneously re-render. 
  • Fixed problem associated with "Duplicate Node" in Slim.

  • To create platform-independent naming conventions for rib generators, extensions were removed from RibGens master, since we have changed the extensions from .so in UNIX to .dll in Windows.


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