MTOR 4.0 Release Notes

New Features


Bug Fixes

Important Notes
  • Glimpse is no longer supported (RIP).  You should use MTOR 3.5 and GlimpseToSlim to convert old Glimpse palettes.
  • Due to changes in the RIB Generator interface, all 3rd party RIB Generators must be recompiled.


New Features
  • Irma Support
  • PRMan 10 Support
    • facevarying Primitive Variables for Subdivision Surfaces and Polygon Meshes: allow you to have different regions of texture parameterization on your surface. 
    • Arbitrary Clipping Plane: allows you to place arbitrary clipping planes in your scene using MTOR coordinate systems.
    • Arbitrary Output Variables: you can now have an unlimited number of output channels and each output can have independently controllable filtering characteristics.
    • Globally Unique Light Handles: MTOR now outputs globally unique light handles by default. This feature is only supported by PRMan Release 10 and allows you to freely intermix RIB archives that contain lightsources. You can disable this new feature via the RIBHandleStyle preference found in TOR.ini.
    • User Attributes: MTOR now outputs user-provided vertex variables on particle systems in the particle instancing case. The per-particle values are now passed to shaders and procedural primitives via the new RenderMan 10 user attributes feature.

  • Substantial gains in RIB generation speed -- 2 to 15 times faster, depending upon the scene.
  • Scene file opening is much faster thanks to optimized interprocess communication between Slim and MTOR.
  • MTOR standalone now loads workspace.mel prior to RIB generation.
  • Aspects of MTOR's alfred script generation have been externalized.  Refer to mtor.ini for control over texture converters and renderer invocation.
  • Added distance falloff controls to volumeSpot shader.
  • Added controls over RIB indentation.  You can disable indentation in RIB via the RIBIndentation preference located in TOR.ini.  You can also override this pref value via the environment variable RIINDENT (set to 0 or 1).
  • Added support for new PRMan 10 shutter offset option.  This option is emitted when you set shutter configuration to stationary.
  • Extended RIB Generator interface to support version checking and provide additional motion blur hints.
  • Added support for fur growth on Pixar and Maya subdivs.

Bug Fixes
  • Light linking now works on geometry which has a RIB Archiver attached.
  • MTOR standalone now loads workspace.mel from the rat project root before loading the maya scene. This fixes problems with relative maya file references for which search paths are specified in the workspace.mel.
  • ObjectIndex now works with particle instancing.
  • When exporting geometry from maya, only references to external palettes with attached appearances are included. It used to be that references to all external palettes would be included in the exported maya file.
  • Light links are respected when you attach a single Slim light appearance to multiple Maya lightsources.
  • When objects are imported from a referenced maya file, Slim palettes are now marked as internal so they aren't lost when the maya scene is saved.
  • Significantly sped up RIB generation time when multiple objects reference a shader with [txmake ...].
  • Environment maps now work in deferred and distributed RIB generation modes. They were broken in RAT 4.5.
  • Work (map generation) associated with Ensembles and Adaptors is now performed.
  • No longer does a missing RIB generator cause the associated primitive to disappear.
  • Import from Reference now works.
  • Various default information associated with interactive context is no longer lost to deferred/distributed RIB generation jobs.  Current Default Camera and Window Resolution are no longer lost.
  • Rekey/uniqueify appearances no longer skips lights.
  • Object names can now exceed 2048 characters.
  • Computed Maps associated with orthographic cameras are no longer distorted according to the aspect ratio of the final frames.
  • Time coordinates for stationary shutter now appear in real time. That is, they are now multiplied by frames-per-second (when non-zero).
  • Maya subdivs with "vertex" class uvs are properly translated. (rc1)
  • Maya subdivs with open topology no longer suffer from excessive creasing. (rc1)
  • Detaching unattached appearances no longer disrupts legitimate attachments (rc1)
  • Ensemble/surface shader attachment/detachment now obeys "last attachment wins" semantics (rc1).

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