MTOR 6.0 Release Notes

New Features


Bug Fixes

Known Issues

New Features
  • Render Globals Additions:
    • "Primary Display Only" disables the output of all Secondary Displays, which is useful during preview renders. This option is located under the Display/Primary tab, and its scripting name is "dspyPrimaryOnly".
    • "Renderer Arguments" allows a string of arguments to be appended to the command line for the selected renderer. This option is located under the Spool/Alfred tab, and its scripting name is "alfRendererArgs".
    • "Job Done Command" is executed in the dispatcher's shell when the job has completed successfully. This option is located under the Spool/Alfred tab, and its scripting name is "alfWhenDoneCmd".
    • "Job Error Command" is executed in the dispatcher's shell whenever a Cmd in the job encouters an error. This option is located under the Spool/Alfred tab, and its scripting name is "alfWhenErrorCmd".
    • "Pre-Render Command" is the name of a shell program which accepts the name of a RIB file as its argument. If the command is intended to modify the RIB file, like a RIB filter, it should overwrite the file. This option is located under the Spool/Custom tab, and its scripting name is "customRenderer".
    • "Pre-Rendering Service" is used in conjunction with the Pre-Render Command to pick a server for the command. Leaving this field blank will result in local execution of the Pre-Render command with no host binding performed by Alfred.
    • "Pre-Rendering Tag" is an optional list of tags used by Alfred to enforce global or local execution limits defined in the alfred.ini file.
  • Programming & Scripting Related:
    • RIB Generators can now handle deforming motion-blur.
    • A RIB generator can now construct RIB archives. See RIBContext.h for comments. The ribgenDumpState example in the devkit makes use of the new methods.
    • The RIBContext interface has new methods for querying output paths and job title.
    • Several "GetResult" methods have been added to the RIBContextResult interface which allow programmers of RIB generators to avoid passing STL objects through the interface.
  • Search Path Types
    Searchpaths can now be specified by type. Previously, all types of resources shared the same "local" or "server" searchpaths. Possible types of searchpaths include those understood by the RenderMan "searchpath" option.


  • Support has been added for facevarying primitive variables.
  • Support has been added to MTOR and Slim to only check out one license for each user/host combination. This feature can be enabled via a pref in RAT.ini called GroupLicenses.
  • Preflight computations used to always happen locally, and now they respect the Compute Location from the Render Globals.
  • Support has been added for attaching RIB generators to Maya locator nodes and custom nodes based on MPxLocator.
  • Controls for RIB format and compression have been added to the RIB export dialog.
  • There is no longer a limit on the number of parameters a RIB generator can have.
  • Enhancements to mtorUltraFur:
    • Fur on poly meshes is now supported.
    • Mapped fur attributes on Maya subdivision meshes now have correct UVs.
  • Support for a new kind of shutter timing called “close on frame” has been added. Due to PRMman constraints requiring shading to occur at shutter open, shadows will shift back in this mode.
  • A new pref in mtor.ini called “mtorParticleBlurStyle” controls the interpretation of particle velocity for the purposes of motion blur. Prior to RAT 5.0, MTOR only supported shutter "closeOnFrame" behavior. Now you can chose one of the following:
    • globals (use the blur style indicated by the RenderMan Globals)
    • openOnFrame
    • centerOnrame
    • closeOnFrame
  • Users can now control the screen window of shadow maps generated from Maya directional lights with the "Dmap Width Focus" attribute, when the "Use Dmap Auto Focus" attribute is disabled. By default, "Use Dmap Auto Focus" is enabled, and MTOR computes a screen window.
  • There is now a “full paths” option in RIB Archivers and RIB Export which causes shader and texture references to be written to RIB as globalized paths.
  • The standalone version of MTOR now loads userSetup.mel when it starts up. This is one of the files that Maya loads at startup.
  • The Spool|Frames tab of the RenderMan Controls now contains fields for Pre and Post Frame Scripts. These are mel commands or scripts which will be executed at the beginning or end of RIB generation for each frame. In RAT 6.0 beta2 there was no UI in the RenderMan Controls for these scripts, and instead the Pre/Post Render MEL scripts from the Maya Render Globals were used. Now those are ignored and the values from the RenderMan Controls are used.
  • Support for requesting Alfred to bind render and netrender processes to the same host has been added. The new feature is controlled by selecting remote-samehost as your compute location. This allows you to make the most out of RenderMan Pro Server's new multiprocessor licensing feature.
  • Added __CPUtime to the list of optional aovs. This can be used to analyze the shading costs associated with different shaders in your scene. After computing the picture, you should run tiffnorm to convert CPU times into gray-scale or color values.

Bug Fixes
  • The active UV set no longer takes on the identity "s,t". Formerly, UV sets would only behave as expected when not active in the UV editor.
  • All RAT applications on Linux now work correctly with cascading license servers.
  • Deforming lofted geometry is correctly translated.
  • MTOR handles deferred RIB generation correctly when the "Camera Name" setting is bogus and the "Job Chunk Size" is "superframe".
  • Alfred scripts generated by MTOR no longer use relative paths when global paths are required.
  • MTOR partitions in imported files are properly cleaned up.
  • Map generators attached to Maya orthographic cameras now use the correct screen window.
  • Reflection and environment map generator passes are now ray traced when ray tracing is enabled.
  • All of a poly mesh's UV sets are now ouput correctly to RIB, so shaders attached to shading groups can reference them.
  • For authors of RIB generators, correct motion and shutter information is now avaliable from the RIBContext.
  • RIB generators now support "mattr" on non-scalar data types.
  • MTOR no longer freezes when it encounters a Slim Archiver attached below an instanced node.
  • UltraFur no longer fails if the directory where fur data should be written doesn't exist.
  • When generating RIB Archives via mel scripts, MTOR no longer crashes if the path to the RIB file doesn't exist.
  • Unit conversion for focal length and focus distance is now correct when "Depth of Field" and "Focus on Lookat" are both enabled in the RenderMan Controls and Maya's UI Units are something other than centimeters.
  • The quantize mode no longer overrides the display mode in the RenderMan Controls. It is now possible to output a tiff image with display mode of "rgbaz" and quantize mode of "rgba".
  • You can generate non-quantized, “floating point” texture maps again.
  • Photon maps are no longer generated when ray tracing is disabled.
  • Issuing quit from within a Maya batch no longer results in an incorrect Slim shutdown.
  • Certain Render Global update problems have been eliminated.
  • RIBContext is now properly set up during archive passes.
  • Orientation of instanced particles better matches maya.
  • RIB boxes and generators named "world" now work.

Known Issues
  • Maya 5.0 on Linux required a change to a new build environment. In order to successfully compile plugins for either MTOR RIB generators or PRMan procedurals you will need to update the compiler to gcc 3.2.2, with corresponding binutils distribution.

  • Users of Maya 5.0 on Red Hat 7.2 may have trouble running stand-alone versions of the RAT applications unless an environment variable called LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set to include a path to the maya5.0/lib directory.



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