MTOR 6.5 Release Notes

New Features


Bug Fixes

Additional Changes in 6.5.1

Additional Changes in 6.5.2

New Features
  • A new RIBGen mode (archive-objects) archives all scene objects into separate RIB archive files, reducing I/O overhead of RIB generation. RIBGen speedups on the order of 10x-100x are possible.
  • Support for RenderMan Pro Server 12 and 12.5 features
    • New subsurface scattering workflow
    • Display Channel directives
    • Basic control over Loop Subdivision Surface
    • Dicing Camera and Strategies
  • Support for Maya hierarchical subdivision surfaces.
  • Support for customizable spool modes and, in conjunction with new Slim templates, a generalized baking workflow.
  • MTOR now has built-in fur and hair support.
  • Now available for Apple OS X.
  • Full support for Maya 6.5 and 6.0, and, in version 6.5.1, minimal support for Maya 7.0, including smooth subdivision creasing.


  • MTOR's Render Globals has a host of new options that you'll want to aquaint yourself with:
  • Improved performance and compatability on Windows.
  • New optimizations for single-frame RIB gens.
  • Augmented mtorInvis to support subgraphs. Now entire subgraphs of the Maya DAG can be made invisible to MTOR. This can make RIBGen much faster for scenes with complex IK rigs, etc. 
  • The new ResourceDirs preference allows a site to specify a directory to find resources like icons for customuis, custom collection types, etc.
  • Creaseedit and corneredit tags now require a string tag which takes the value "add", "subtract", or "set", modifying the edit operation on the crease or corner sharpness appropriately.
  • Reworking of mtorsubdiv plugin. The former PxLocator node is now a ordinary dependency graph node. 
  • Improved support for fur on trimmed NURBs.
  • Default compression for TIFFs is now LZW.
  • mtorCoordSys nodes now have a new attribute controlling whether they are "local" or "global" scoped. "Global" is the old behavior, whereby the coordinate system's name is truncated to its shape node's name. "Local" will emit Maya's "partialPathName" of the coordinate system to the RIB. This allows coordinate systems to have unique names, even when the user has instanced the same coordinate system a number of times in the DAG. Users are encouraged to use the [coordsys mtorCoordSysShape] tcl proc in their shaders, so that MTOR can infer the best candidate coordinate system by relative DAG location, allowing multiple instanced coordinate system references from a single Slim shader instance.
  • A new control has been added when creating pixar subdivs that allows you to choose whether to expose the subdivided mesh to Maya.
  • The speed of drawing of MTOR subdivs has been improved significantly.
  • The MTOR environment key now includes the client-side spooler's RAT directory name (e.g. rat-6.5-maya6.5). This allows Alfservers on remote machines to choose the correct RAT distribution when clients run remote RIB generation.
  • MTOR will now emit to the RIB an IfBegin/IfEnd around shader instances to allow for more flexible repurposing of archived ribs. Ex:

    IfBegin "!defined(user:RATFilterSurface)"
      #slim shadingmodel_aov Matte
      Surface "rmanshader/Matte"

    Users should be able to indepently set this with RIB box to override or use in non-refpasses. Possible user options are: RATFilterSurface, RATFilterLightSource and RATFilterVolume.
  • The Escape key no longer hides/closes windows. Users are recommended to use ctl-w instead, or by following the patterns in RAT.scheme et al and creating override files (of the same name)in their prefs directory.
  • Reference map post-processing (ptfilter, brickmake etc.) when in frame or superframe chunking mode is now supported. (This requires the use of RiSystem, which is in PRMan 12.5.1 and above.)


Bug Fixes
  • Fixes for missing detail in input primvars.
  • Unrecognized file extensions in the reference map generator no longer result in failures.
  • Miscellaneous improvements to the shader compiler have addressed empty render swatches and erroneous warnings.
  • An issue with naming a lightsource shader with the name frame in the front that would crash Maya has been fixed.
  • An issue with motion blurred blobby particles has been fixed.
  • An issue with setting torRIBs to a local directory on a remote machine, using frame or superframe chunking mode and using remote RIB generation has been fixed.
  • An issue with syntax errors in shdmap constrcuts that would crash Maya has been fixed.
  • An issue with rendering shadow maps with mtor subdivison surfaces in sets has been fixed.
  • An issue with MTOR not stopping RIBExport when a valid camera was not specified has been fixed.
  • An issue with the depth mask map generator not respecting camera motion blur and pixel aspect ratio has been fixed.

Additional Changes in 6.5.1
  • To accommodate the removal of the Advanced Fur Rendering menu item in Maya 7.0, there is a new RenderMan menu item, Fur Files..., for creating fur files.
Bug Fixes
  • MTOR emits metrics correctly when the RIBGenMetrics pref is set in the mtor.ini file.
  • An issue with attaching/detaching shadingmodel_aov types from geometry via MEL scripts has been fixed.
  • An issue with using archive-rib RIB style and lazy geometry acceleration has been fixed.
  • Preflight commands are now done remotely when doing distrenders.
  • All display channels in the RenderMan globals are properly added when loading scenes created prior to RAT version 6.5.

Additional Changes in 6.5.2
  • Fixes and enhancements have been made to the MTOR invisibility (mtorInvis) attribute. When located on non-shape nodes it is now interpreted as a prune-tree signal. When located on shape nodes it signals template behavior that allows assignment of RIB generators, among other things. A new attribute, mtorPrune, has been added to clarify the distinction between MTOR-specific "template-like" behavior and true pruning. Currently mtorPrune is only supported on non-shape nodes and causes MTOR to ignore all DAG descendents of the pruned node. This is useful to accelerate the RIBgen process.
Bug Fixes
  • A bug that caused problems on Windows with launching renders when in MTOR batch mode, because of blank spaces in the RMANTREE's value, has been fixed.
  • A bug with the wrong ScreenWindow setting being emitted during an environment map pass has been fixed.
  • A bug where primitive attributes weren't being properly cached when using archive-objects RIB style has been fixed. This prevented primitives such as curves from rendering properly.
  • A bug where the ultraFur RIB generator plugin on Mac OSX was trying to load the libImage lib from the wrong directory has been fixed.
  • A bug which caused small polygons to render with the incorrect density of fur has been fixed.



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