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General Attributes

Irradiance Cache

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Job Setup

The Main Menu

The RenderMan Globals can be accessed from the RenderMan menu in Maya: RenderMan->RenderMan Globals. When this command is invoked, a dialog box will open which contains all of the configurable settings for the RenderMan renderer. These render options are collected under different menu tabs, under their respective categories. By selecting each tab, you can bring up a different set of controls. You can also hold your mouse down over the information icon (i) to get information on individual fields.

Custom Settings: Presets 

The Preset RenderMan Controls dialog box (accessed via the Presets pull down menu in the Globals dialog box) allows you to create Presets - an entire set of RenderMan Globals settings to which a descriptive name can be attached, and which can be recalled at any time. This feature is useful for creating one setting for quick preview renders, and another for slow and final renders.

From this dialog box, the current Globals settings may be saved with a name by pressing Save, and the new settings will now be readily available via the Presets pull down menu. Existing presets can be deleted, or you may revert your current settings back to an existing preset.




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