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The Display control panel allows you to specify settings directly related to the output image rendered by RenderMan. 

Channel Display

Channel Editor - Define all the rendering variables that are available for referencing in secondary displays. These will be outputted as DisplayChannel calls.

Channel - The Channel field chooses which underlying rendering variable is referenced by this channel. In addition to the standard variables provided in the menu, you can enter a custom mode which must be associated with an output parameter of your custom shader.

Pixel Filter - Pixel Filter controls the filtering of rendered pixels. Box is simple, cheap and somewhat blurry. Sinc is sharp and somewhat expensive. A good compromise is CatmullRom.

Filter Width - Filter Width controls the width of the Pixel Filter. Values typically range from 1 to 5.  

Quantize - Specify image quantization parameters for each of your secondary output images. You can specify quantization options by modifying the parameters. If you do not want to use the default floating point format for your output data, you can quantize output values into an integer range by specifying the parameters: Zero, One, Min, Max and Dither. These values are used in the following equation to convert from floating point values to integers:

value = round(Zero + value * (One - Zero) + Dither)
value = clamp(value, Min, Max) 



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