RIB Archivers 


Description: Attach AutoArchive appearances to nodes in your DAG to cause all child nodes to be written to an external RIB Archive file and automatically referenced for final RIB generation. This can greatly speed up your RIB generation process if Laziness is enabled or if an object doesn't change over the course of a shot.

Reading: These parameters control how the archive is read.

Read Method: Use DelayedReadArchive to allow the renderer to determine when an archive should actually be loaded. If you always want your Archive to be loaded, choose ReadArchive.

Visibility: Controls the presence of the archive reference in various rendering passes.

Motion Blur: Controls the motion blur attribute for the entire archive at the time the archive is included. If you wish to use the DAG node to move a rigid archive around AND you want motion blur, make sure this attribute is enabled.

Writing: These parameters control how the archive is written.

Base Name: The name to be prepended onto all RIB archive files. The default value $JOBNAME is the name entered in the Display Name field of RenderMan Globals. If you want to share auto-archives across jobs, you should enter your own base name here.

Frequency: Controls how often you want to archive your objects. If your object is rigid, select "Once Per Job" otherwise select "Every Frame".

Recycling After: Use this setting to archive animated cycles.

Laziness: Controls how often the RIB Archive is constructed. When Laziness is enabled, the mere existence of the target RIB file will prevent the construction of a new Archive. In this case, it's up to you to ensure that the existing Archive is up to date.

Archive Contents: The selected components will appear in the Archived RIB.

Base Light Handles: The Base Light Handle can be used to help prevent light handle collisions and only comes into play when archiving lights.


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