Problems Getting Slim To Launch

If you're having problems getting Slim to launch:

  1. Verify that you've installed the software correctly (see the installation docs).

  2. Make sure the correct version of Pixar's RenderMan Toolkit is in your path.  Slim requires prman version 3.9 or greater.

  3. Make sure the correct version of Slim is in your path

  4. Make sure no other unwanted copies of Slim are running.  You can invoke killall slim to make sure no other slim processes are running.

  5. Enable debugging messages via: setenv RATDEBUG slim. Now start maya from the same shell.

  6. If you're unable to interpret the Slim debugging dump, mail it to our friendly neighborhood customer support department: 

When Slim launches in interactive mode, it attempts to setup a standard RenderMan display server on port 4003 (as defined in $RMANTREE/rendermn.ini:  /display/socket/slimport).  If you have another interactive copy of Slim running on your workstation, it's likely that port 4003 is already in use and you'll get a warning message from the newly launched Slim.  Slim can operate quite happily without a display server installed, however any feature requiring external rendering services sending pixels to Slim will be inoperative. Specifically:

  • flipbook rendering with a renderer other than internal

  • swatch rendering with a renderer other than internal

Other Problems

For other questions refer to our online FAQ.








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