[FORMAT] - User Commands Manual Page - Tcl7.4
[FORMAT] - User Commands Manual Page - Tcl7.4

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subst - Perform backslash, command, and variable substitutions


subst ?-nobackslashes? ?-nocommands? ?-novariables? string


This command performs variable substitutions, command substitutions, and backslash substitutions on its string argument and returns the fully-substituted result. The substitutions are performed in exactly the same way as for Tcl commands. As a result, the string argument is actually substituted twice, once by the Tcl parser in the usual fashion for Tcl commands, and again by the subst command.

If any of the -nobackslashes, -nocommands, or -novariables are specified, then the corresponding substitutions are not performed. For example, if -nocommands is specified, no command substitution is performed: open and close brackets are treated as ordinary characters with no special interpretation.

Note: when it performs its substitutions, subst does not give any special treatment to double quotes or curly braces. For example, the script
set a 44
subst {xyz {$a}}
returns ``xyz {44}'', not ``xyz {$a}''.


backslash substitution, command substitution, variable substitution

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