Applying Shaders to Objects


Once a shader is created, it is ready to be attached to an object. The successful attachment of shaders to objects requires an understanding of the concepts and techniques related to mapping shaders and textures in shader space.

Shader Space There are several different notions of shader space which can be used to define the coordinate system in which a shader is applied to an object.

Texture Projection By referencing a coordinate system, textures and shaders can be applied to objects through various flavors of projections: planar, spherical, box, etc.

Reference Geometry For use with projections, reference geometry can be associated with a deforming object so that textures stick as the object deforms, and not swim through it. 

Surface Parameterization Using the natural parameterization, the ST space, of a surface makes for efficient rendering. 

MTOR Coordinate Systems The use of the coordinate system is the tool of choice for creating projections in MTOR/Maya workflow.


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