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Ri Filters (Rifs) in RfM Pro

These features are supported by the RenderMan for Maya “Pro” plugin in RenderMan Studio and are not available with the regular RenderMan for Maya plugin.

RenderMan for Maya “Pro”, as part of RenderMan Studio, has a new User Interface for accessing Ri Filters (Rifs), under the Advanced tab. The UI displays a list of Rifs and allows you to add, delete, or rearrange the list. Rifs are applied globally to all rendering passes, but there's a checkbox for globally enabling or disabling Rifs.

Rifs are represented as RenderMan settings nodes, much like displays and passes. When you add a Rif, a new node is created and wired into a message array attribute on the renderManGlobals node. The order of connections to the array indicates the order in which Rifs will be applied, and the connections are taken care of via the UI.

An example is forthcoming.

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