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Setting up RenderMan for Maya

Load RenderMan for Maya

RenderMan for Maya must be successfully loaded into Maya before it can be used. Follow the steps below to load RenderMan for Maya. 

To load RenderMan for Maya:

1) First, start Maya
2) Open the Plug-in Manager:
        Window> Settings/Preferences> Plug-in Manager
3) Find the RenderMan for Maya plug-in. Check "loaded." This will load RenderMan for Maya.
4) Close the Plug-in Manager
5) You can now switch to the RenderMan renderer:
        Render> Render Using> RenderMan

Now you're ready to begin rendering with RenderMan

Set the Default Renderer

Pixar's RenderMan can be set as Maya's default renderer so that it is the active renderer when Maya is started. This makes using RenderMan for Maya a little more straightforward. In any case, you can always switch renderers during a Maya session.

To set RenderMan as the default renderer:

1) Open the Preferences Window:

        Window> Settings/Preferences> Preferences

2) In the Rendering category, select "RenderMan" as the default renderer.

3) Save the new setting and close the window.

To switch between renderers:

1) Go to the Render menu and select:

        Render> Rendering Using
2) Pick a renderer: RenderMan, Maya Software, etc.

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