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The Render Menu and Render View

The Render Menu

The Render View

The Render Menu

To access Maya's Render menu you need switch to Maya's Rendering Menu set (shortcut is F5). RenderMan for Maya (when set as the active renderer) will display the following menu items in the Render menu:

Render Current Frame

Renders an image using Maya's currently active view as the camera (this behavior can be overridden). While this may appear to be a single process, two things are going on: first RenderMan for Maya translates the scene, then Pixar's RenderMan, the core rendering engine, renders the images. As the image renders, it will appear in the Render View. 


Redo Previous Render

Renders from the camera used during the last render, regardless of the active window.


Test Resolution>

A selection of resolution presets for preview rendering.

Camera Panel

Uses the resolution of the active Maya window.

Render Globals

Uses the full resolution as defined in the Maya Render Globals window; the default setting is 320x240.

50% Globals

50% of the resolution as defined in the Render Globals window.

25% Globals

25% of the resolution as defined in the Render Globals window.

10% Globals

10% of the resolution as defined in the Render Globals window.


Batch Render

Starts a batch render of the Maya file. The images are rendered to a directory, defined by the user. Batch render jobs run in the background, as a separate process, which has the benefit allowing the user to continue to work in the current Maya session (as long as the computer system has sufficient resources). 


Render using>

Specify a renderer.


Sets RenderMan as the active renderer.

Other Renderers

Select from a variety of other supported renderers for Maya. 

The menu items shown in Maya's Render menu will change depending on which renderer is active. 

The Render View

RenderMan for Maya displays rendering images in Maya's Render View. The Render View has its own selection of menus and buttons. All of these features are functional (except for IPR) and can be used seamlessly with RenderMan for Maya. See the Maya documentation for more information.

To Open the Render View:
1) Select the following:
        Window > Rendering Editors > Render View

To switch Renderers:
The active renderer can be set in the following ways:
        1) Choose a renderer from drop-down menu.
        2) Select a renderer from the Render View sub-menu:
            Options > Render> [pick a renderer]

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