RixInterfaces.h File Reference

#include <stddef.h>

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class  RixInterface
 Base class for all Rix interfaces. More...
class  RixContext
 Rix interfaces are obtained from an RixContext. More...
class  RixMutex
 A class that encapsulates a mutual exclusion object. More...
class  RixThreadUtils
 This object is used to obtain an RixMutex object that can be used for locking access to shared global memory. More...
class  RixMessages
 An object that can be used to print warnings, errors, or info in a thread safe way from within the renderer. More...
class  RixStats
 Interface for including user statistics in XML file. More...
class  RixXmlFile
 An XML file handle, which is passed to a statistics reporter (see RixStats::AddReporter). More...
class  RixStorage
 RixStorage allows plugins to store and share arbitrary data by associating it with an arbitrary key. More...


typedef void(* RixCleanupFunc )(RixContext *context, void *data)
 A cleanup function can be associated with data in RixStorage.


enum  RixInterfaceId {
  k_RixThreadUtils = 0, k_RixMessages, k_RixStats, k_RixGlobalData,
  k_RixThreadData, k_RixLocalData
 Identifiers for Rix interfaces. More...

Detailed Description

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* RixCleanupFunc)(RixContext *context, void *data)

A cleanup function can be associated with data in RixStorage.

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum RixInterfaceId

Identifiers for Rix interfaces.

k_RixThreadUtils  Id for RixThreadUtils interface.
k_RixMessages  Id for RixMessages interface.
k_RixStats  Id for RixStats interface.
k_RixGlobalData  Id for global RixStorage interface.
k_RixThreadData  Id for per-thread RixStorage interface.
k_RixLocalData  Id for local RixStorage interface.

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