RixMutex Class Reference

A class that encapsulates a mutual exclusion object. More...

#include <RixInterfaces.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~RixMutex ()
 Virtual destructor.
virtual void Lock ()=0
 Lock access.
virtual void Unlock ()=0
 Unlock and allow access.

Detailed Description

A class that encapsulates a mutual exclusion object.

This object can be used to lock access to shared data to prevent contention from multiple threads.

NOTE: This is not a high performance implementation; for best performance one should utilize native platform locks.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual RixMutex::~RixMutex  )  [inline, virtual]

Virtual destructor.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void RixMutex::Lock  )  [pure virtual]

Lock access.

virtual void RixMutex::Unlock  )  [pure virtual]

Unlock and allow access.

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