RslContext Member List

This is the complete list of members for RslContext, including all inherited members.

GetGlobalStorage() const RslContext [inline]
GetLocalData() const RslContext [inline]
GetLocalStorage() const RslContext [inline]
GetPluginName() const =0RslContext [pure virtual]
GetRixInterface(RixInterfaceId id) const =0RslContext [pure virtual]
GetRunFlags(unsigned int *length) const =0RslContext [pure virtual]
GetThreadData() const RslContext [inline]
GetThreadStorage() const RslContext [inline]
RslArrayIter (defined in RslContext)RslContext [friend]
RslIter (defined in RslContext)RslContext [friend]
SetLocalData(void *data, RixCleanupFunc cleanup=0L)RslContext [inline]
SetThreadData(void *data, RixCleanupFunc cleanup=0L)RslContext [inline]
~RslContext()RslContext [inline, virtual]

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