The RenderMan Interface Specification

DRAFT (Version 3.3)

The RenderMan Interface


Language Binding Summary

Relationship to RSL

Graphics State

Geometric Primitives


External Resources


RenderMan Shading Language

Introduction to RSL

Overview of the Shading Process

Relationship to RenderMan Interface


Shader Execution Environment

Language Constructs

Shaders and Functions

Built-In Functions

Example Shaders

Pixar's RenderMan and The RenderMan Interface

The RenderMan Interface (the RI Spec) is a standard interface between modeling programs and compliant RenderMan renderers. Pixar's RenderMan (PRMan) is a sophisticated implementation of those standards as set forth in the RI Spec. Those interface standards unique or not yet incorporated into the RI Spec will be found in the Pixar's RenderMan User's Manual, while interface standards that are ready for adoption by all renderers compliant to the RI Spec can be found in the RenderMan Interface Specification

About the RI Spec

This document is a draft of the RenderMan Interface Specification (version 3.3), and is subject to significant changes prior to final adoption.  Caveat emptor.

The RenderMan Interface requires substantial knowledge of computer graphics. Please refer to the Revision History for an overview of what has changed between versions of the RenderMan Interface Specification.  Please also read the Statement About Pixar's Copyright and Trademark Rights for the RenderMan 3-D Scene Description Interface.

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