brickmake - convert point cloud files into a brick map file


brickmake [-maxerror eps] [-radiusscale scale] [-maxdepth depth] [-ignorenormals 0|1] [-omitgeometry 0|1] [-progress 0|1|2] [-newer 0|1] pointcloudfiles brickmapfile


brickmake reads one or more files in Pixar's point cloud file format and generates a brick map file representing the same data. A brick map is a tiled MIP map representation of 3D data.

-maxerror specifies the amount of error that can be tolerated in the brick map. This is a trade-off between accuracy and file size. The default value is 0.002 (approximately half of 1/255).

-radiusscale specifies a scaling factor applied to all point radii. For values higher than 1, the effect is that a blurrier, smaller brick map is created. The default value is 1. Using values lower than 1 is not recommended.

-maxdepth specifies an (integer) maximum depth of the brick map. This can be used to reduce the size of the brick map. The default value is 15.

-ignorenormals if set to 1, indicates that all data should be stored in the brick map as if their normal was (0,0,0). The default is 0 (off).

-omitgeometry if the brick map is only intended for use as a 3D texture -- and not intended to be used as a geometric primitive for rendering -- the information about which voxels have geometry in them can be omitted. This can reduce the brick map file size: if the data are uniform or very smooth (or a high -maxerror value is used) the reduction can be dramatic, but for rapidly varying data (and low -maxerror values) the reduction is usually only 5 to 10 percent. The default value for omitgeomety is 0 (off), i.e. the geometry is not omitted, and the brick map can be used as a geometric primitive.

-progress: if set to 1, a few progress lines will be written out during brickmap creation. If set to 2, more verbose information is given. The default is 0 (off).

-newer: If set to 1, only compute brick map if source file is newer than destination file. The default is 0 (off).




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