catrib - read and, possibly, convert a RIB file


catrib [ -ascii ] [ -binary [ -gzip ] [ -o file ] [ ribfile ]


catrib copies ASCII and/or binary RIB data from the specified file to an output file, possibly converting its format. The format of the output file is specified by command line options, -ascii and -binary, or by the RIFORMAT environment variable. Compression is enabled on the output file by the command line option -gzip, or by the RICOMPRESSION environment variable. By default an uncompressed ASCII RIB file is generated. To generate a binary file, set RIFORMAT to “binary”. To generate an ASCII file, set RIFORMAT to “ascii”. To compress the output with the gzip algorithm, set RICOMPRESSION to “gzip”. If an output file is not specified with the -o option, the RISERVER environment variable is used. The default output is the standard output stream.

Input is taken from the standard input stream if no file is specified on the command line.


The following environment variables are used (if set) by catrib:

RIFORMAT	ASCII or binary output
RICOMPRESSION   gzip compression
RIPRECISION     the number of decimal places that will be printed for
                ASCII floating point output
RISERVER	output file


RenderMan Interface Version 3.1


Backslash (\) characters are not preserved when a file is processed.


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