lookinfo - output descriptive information about a Pixar Look


lookinfo lookname


lookinfo reads a Pixar Look called lookname and outputs descriptive information about the Look on stdout. lookname can be either the path of a Look master file, for example:


or the full Look shader name, for example:


If the Look shader name is used, it should be enclosed in quotes so that the shell does not intrepret the vertical bars. When used with a Look shader name, lookinfo will search for the Look hierachy in the directories listed in:


defined in rendermn.ini. lookinfo prints out the type of shader (Surface, Displacement, LightSource, or Atmosphere) followed by the quoted shader name as it should appear in a program or RIB file. A general description of the shader is printed followed by descriptions of each of the shader's parameters. The parameters are listed first by their shading language name and type declaration for use with RiDeclare followed by a description and the value type, range and default value as appropriate. The source to the lookinfo program is in the examples directory.


sloinfo(1), look(4), rendermn.ini(5)


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