tiffjoin - combine TIFF images.


tiffjoin [-lzw|-packbits] input_path input_path[input_path ...] output_path


Tiffjoin combines TIFF images with disjoint bounding rectangles using copy operations.

Tiffjoin takes a list of path specifications to TIFF images for input, combines the images by copying pixels, and writes the resulting image into the TIFF file specified by the last path in the argument list. An example of a typical usage is:

tiffjoin crop1.tif crop2.tif crop3.tif crop4.tif fullimage.tif

Note that the file name extension “.tif” is a convention which is not enforced or expected by tiffjoin.

The image resulting from a tiffjoin command covers a rectangular area which includes the areas of the source images. Tiffjoin is used to combine non-overlapping images into a larger image which includes all of the source images; one such use is combining separately rendered “cropped” images into a single image.

The compression used in the result image is normally none, but it can be modified by two option flags. The -lzw option compresses the result image using the Lempel-Ziv and Welch method. The -packbits option compresses the result image using the Macintosh packbits run length encoding method.


The initial version only supports 8 bits per sample.


tiffcopy(1), tiffchan(1), tiffdump(1), tiffsize(1), tiffcomp(1), tiffdiff(1), tiffinfo(1)


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