tiffnorm - normalize data in TIFF files


tiffnorm [-c channel] [-m] [-l lo] [-h high] input.tif output.tif


tiffnorm normalizes data within a specified range and can be useful for viewing certain images with data outside a visible range, for example, __CPUTime. tiffnorm -q input.tif will dump the size and mix/max values of the cost image to stderr. tiffnorm -m input.tif output.tif will output a psuedo-color image scaled to the min/max values in the cost image. The user can also scale the image manually with the -l [minval] and -h [maxval].


tiffcopy(1), tiffjoin(1), tiffchan(1), tiffdump(1), tiffsize(1), tiffcomp(1), tiffdiff(1)


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