carpet	- Simulate carpeted surface


Surface "carpet" "Ka" n "Kd" n "scuff" n "nap" n


float Ka=0.1, Kd=0.6
float scuff=1, nap=1


This shader produces a carpeted surface, complete with scuff-marks. The scuff parameter controls the “amount of scuffing”, or the relative frequency of intensity variations. Higher values produce more frequent scuffing. nap describes the “shagginess” of the carpet. Higher values make a more coarse-looking carpet.

The carpet shader makes a reasonable stab at anti-aliasing, so the actual grain of the carpet fades away with distance.

There are no specular reflections from real carpet (at least on a macroscopic scale), so the only lighting parameters are Ka and Kd, which have the usual meanings of ambient and diffuse reflective intensities, respectively.


The way anti-aliasing is performed can cause linear artifacts in some cases.




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