rmarble	- Simulate a red-veined marble surface


Surface "rmarble" "Ka" n "Ks" n "Kd" n "roughness" n "specularcolor" c "veining" n


float Ka=0.1, Ks=0.4, Kd=0.6, roughness=0.1, veining=1
color specularcolor=[1 1 1]


This shader is very similar to the blue_marble shader in The RenderMan Companion, except that it produces a marble that consists of red veins on a white background with some greyish mottling. The parameter veining controls the frequency of veins in the marble: higher values produce more and narrower veins.

The parameters Ka,Ks and Kd have the usual meanings of ambient, specular and diffuse reflective intensities, respectively. roughness and specularcolor control the sharpness and color of the specular highlight.




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