shadowdistant	- Distant light shader with shadow map capability


Light "shadowdistant" "intensity" n "lightcolor" c "from" p "to" p "shadowname" s "samples" n "width" n


float intensity=1.0
color lightcolor=[1 1 1]
point from=[0 0 0] to=[0 0 1]
string shadowname=""
float samples=16, width=1


This is a normal distant light with an optional shadow map parameter shadowname. If shadowname is "", the light is a normal distant light source.

The parameter samples controls the sampling rate for filtering the shadow map, as shown in Table 15.1 of the RenderMan Interface Specification, Version 3.1. Higher values will produce less noisy-looking shadows, but will take significantly longer. You can produce a (very noisy) test shadow very rapidly by setting samples to 1.

The width parameter controls “overfiltering” in the s and t directions, as is also shown in Table 15.1 of the RenderMan Interface Specification. Higher values will give shadows more blurry edges, which can be used either as an effect or to hide the jagged edges of a low-resolution shadow map.

The intensity of the light varies from 0 (off) to any positive value (usually 1) representing the light at full intensity. The lightcolor parameter is an RGB triple representing the color of light emitted by the source.

The from and to parameters specify a vector representing the direction in which the light is shining.


The distantlight shader in the RenderMan Interface Specification.



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