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Interface Features

Drag and Drop


Slim supports flexible slider capabilities and a powerful level of drag and drop. These features streamline the user interface, and give the user the luxury of developing a personalized workflow.


Combination Sliders

This is the standard editor for a float parameter in an appearance. On the right is a graphical slider that can be moved back and forth to change the value. On the left is a numerical entry field that can be used to directly enter a value. This field can also be used as a virtual slider, or VSlider.

Using a VSlider

Select the numerical field, and drag the left mouse button back and forth while holding down .

The value will increase or decrease as the mouse is dragged from left to right or right to left, respectively. You can accelerate the response by holding down the Shift key.

Adjusting Sliders

For parameters with unbound ranges, the graphical slider will always reset to the middle after a change. If it does not, the template has specified bounds for the parameter. This is a template-recommended range of values and should normally be respected. If you find you need to override this range, however, you can use the VSlider to enter a new value. When you exceed the template-recommended range, the Vslider will turn red:

You can also use the VSlider to adjust a parameter's precision. Simply enter a value carried out to three decimal places, e.g. "0.001", in an entry with a value carried out to two, e.g. "0.10", and it will change accordingly. Specifying more precision will not cause the VSlider to turn red.

Sliders for Colors

The value editor for colors also features a slider. This allows you to quickly adjust the intensity of a color without raising the full Color Editor.

Drag and Drop

The middle mouse button can be used to drag and drop values onto other values. Drag and drop is even supported between different applications; colors can be dragged from "it" to Slim, for example. For every dragging operation, the middle mouse button is used. Click, hold, and drag

With Parameters

With Images

With Palettes


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