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Licensing and Installation

The RenderMan installer packages are designed to take you through the various steps required to install and license the software. The installers provide detailed instructions, and this guide is intended to provide supplemental information as well as a basic overview of the installation process.

Download Packages

Upon completing your purchase from the Pixar online store, you should have downloaded the appropriate package(s) for the platform you use. The packages are Pixar_RenderManForMaya-2.0.dmg (for Macintosh OS X) and Pixar_RenderManForMaya-2.0.exe (for Windows XP). Open each package, revealing the installers for your intended platform. There are four .pkg files for Mac OS X, one for each supported version of Maya and its corresponding Mac version (Intel or PPC), and there are four .msi files for Windows XP, two for each version of Maya, with a choice between optimization levels: ix86 or SSE2. Note that the “ix86” versions will run on all “Wintel” chip sets, but the “SSE2” versions will run only on SSE2-compatible hardware.

Installation Requirements

The following are required to install and use RenderMan products:

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