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RenderMan for Maya 2.0

The release of RenderMan for Maya 2.0 is a bold step forward for the RfM plugin, integrating RenderMan 13.0 and offering users a faster, more powerful implementation of the renderer, as well as the significant new features introduced in Pixar's RenderMan 13.0.

Straight out of the box, users will enjoy the vast improvements offered by the renderer, noting shorter render times and decreased memory consumption. Digging deeper, the new features in the renderer will open up a world of possibility, whether it be as profound as the new approach to global illumination (without ray tracing) or as straight-forward as the new camera effects that give users enhanced creative control over their camera's behavior.

For more information about this release, please check out the release notes.

RenderMan for Maya 2.0.1

This dot-release of RenderMan for Maya includes significant enhancements and new features that make it more than a typical dot-one product. RfM 2.0.1 provides limited support for Maya 2008 and improved support for Maya Fur, as well as numerous other enhancements.

Once again, users are encouraged to consult the release notes for details about the many improvements in this release.

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