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About RenderMan


Pixar's RenderMan is Pixar's core rendering technology. It's a high performance renderer built to tackle the most demanding productions, with production-hardened technology that is stable, reliable, and flexible. Features like RenderMan's true 3D motion blur and depth-of-field have helped make RenderMan an industry standard. In fact, RenderMan was recently awarded an Academy Award for its contributions to the motion picture industry. Here are some of the reasons why RenderMan is relied upon in the 3D industry:

Performance - Render the largest scenes fast and reliably.

Quality - Render the highest quality images with features like advanced filtering and true 3D motion blur.

Control - Customize productions with the powerful RenderMan Shading Language.

Features - From deep shadows to ray tracing, RenderMan provides a full technological arsenal of cutting edge 3D tools and tricks.


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