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About RenderMan for Maya

The Plug-In

RenderMan for Maya is a fully-integrated, plug-in implementation of Pixar's RenderMan renderer. Built from the ground up, RenderMan for Maya provides seamless access to RenderMan's speed, power, and stability for Maya users while imposing minimal changes to the Maya workflow.

RenderMan for Maya takes all your Maya scene data — Maya Materials, lights, geometry, particles, et cetera — and renders them with Pixar's RenderMan, right out of the box. Simply select “RenderMan” as your renderer and render directly to the Render View window with RenderMan. RenderMan for Maya provides the same production-quality motion blur and displacements, ambient occlusion, 3D caching and baking as Pixar's RenderMan, right there in the Maya UI.

Advanced Effects

RenderMan for Maya supports global illumination and subsurface scattering effects, deep shadows, and the advanced subdivision schemes available in RenderMan Pro Server. Ray-tracing effects, such as global illumination, and other effects, like motion blur, are set up via the Render Globals. Other RenderMan features, like Deep Shadows or subsurface scattering, are attached directly to Maya nodes.

The Results

RenderMan for Maya is designed to provide you with the same production-quality images that you get from PhotoRealistic RenderMan (PRMan), and it is important to realize that PRMan is very different from other renderers that are available to Maya users. You should not expect your images to match images rendered with other plugins pixel-for-pixel. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you build your Maya scenes with the renderer in mind. By playing to RenderMan for Maya's strengths you will see the high-quality results that set RenderMan apart. Please consult the Tips and Tricks and RenderMan Features sections of the documentation for more information on getting the most out of RenderMan for Maya.

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